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Reflections on a new chapter for Jaja.

Building a successful credit card partnership.

We talk to two of our experts about our exciting new partnership with the Bank of Ireland.

Jaja Credit Card

News release

Jaja announces credit card partnership with Bank of Ireland UK

News release

It’s more than a product. It’s a platform.

Pioneer update

We just wanted you to know that we’re utterly committed to changing the world of credit cards and beyond.

165% overfunded!

Wrapping up our Seedrs campaign

We’ve closed our crowdfunding round on Seedrs today, with a final total of £4,956,773 invested. We smashed our initial target of £3,000,000 within days and finished in overfunding at 165% of this original goal.

When will I get my Jaja card?

An update on our launch timeline

We're counting down the days to our public launch - find out what, when and why here!

How FinTech companies are helping the failing credit card sector.

As seen in Forbes

Meet Jaja, the latest new breed of credit card startups.

Get ready for the game changing digital credit card

PRESS RELEASE – Introducing Jaja – The next generation credit card

Jaja Finance is on a mission to redefine the consumer finance experience as we know it.

Jaja mentioned among top FinTech partners

As seen in the Financial Times

Visa Announces Fast-Track Access to its Network and $100m Investment for European FinTechs.

The Credit Card that gives you complete control

Freedom, Empowerment, Simplicity

Giving our customers the unexpected and making the credit card experience simpler, more enjoyable and more intelligent.