Turning every day into a learning experience.

Turning every day into a learning experience might sound like a cliché, but at Jaja, it’s pretty accurate. While it’s not a phrase we have graffitied on the walls in true start-up style, it’s a motto that everyone who works here absolutely believes in – something we all try hard to achieve day-in-day-out.  

We built Jaja to simplify credit once and for all. We see things differently. We never stop asking questions and do everything we can to understand exactly what it is that our customers want. Continual improvement drives us.  

Of course, anyone can claim this in business – and many do. So we wanted to explain how we turn this mantra into reality, and how it feeds into everything we do. 

 Non-stop customer feedback. 

Customer experience sits at the heart of everything we do. We test some of our functionality with a group of early adopters, who we’ve nicknamed ‘Jaja Pioneers’. These people are core to the products we build. They tell us what they need and what they would like to see. We then go away and see how we can build it, asking for and implementing their feedback every step of the way. It’s that simple.

In one-to-one interviews before and after experiencing the app, our Pioneers help us spot bugs, areas where user experience could be improved and to prioritise our roadmap.

Continuous improvement. 

We’ve built a number of brilliantly simple credit products, but we know there’s always room for improvement. By listening to everything our customers say, we’re in a strong position to continuously learn and refine our credit solutions to make simple. 

Whenever we see something that seems overly complicated, we ask why. Why is this the way it works? Can we change that? Simplify it? If something doesn’t make sense to us, we immediately start looking into how we can make it better. Simple. 

A sharing culture.  

The team here at Jaja is rather special too. We’re a diverse bunch of people from all over the world. A team united by one common goal: to make credit simple.  

Every one of us brings something different to the table. Our founders are Norwegian entrepreneurs who are utterly committed to creating beautifully simple products. While the rest of the team is made up of innovators, finance experts and different thinkers from the UK, Greece, Sweden, Latvia and India, to name a just a few countries.  

This interesting and wonderful blend of cultures, skills and life experiences are worth sharing. So we swap ideas, share opinions and learn from each other. We come together every week to show what we’ve all been working on and share some of our specialist knowledge across teams. It all contributes to an open, honest and collaborative environment.  

Our ‘always learning’ mentality is key to Jaja. It has been from the very beginning and will remain at the heart of the business as we continue to grow.  


Anna Notman