"The future of credit cards is in this app." Christine
"A suite of functionalities that no standard credit card offers." Jonathan
"You can use the digital card the minute you’ve been approved." Karla
"Easy to use abroad and no hidden surprises on my holidays." Øyvind
"Onboarding is a doddle!" Raman
"Super easy to use and a breeze to make repayments." Bertie
"The whole digital aspect makes everything easier." Paul
Representative 18.9% APR (variable)

Hello, we're Jaja.

We’re Norwegian entrepreneurs and financial services professionals that believe in the power of simplicity, and we’ve built a digital, mobile-first credit product. We are obsessively driven by two things:

We create beautiful products with the goal to simplify consumer finance...
... by developing technology
that unlocks customer

Our mission is to simplify the world of credit. Forever. We believe credit has been complicated for too long. It’s why we’ve built the next generation of simple and flexible products you can use at the touch of a button.

Reimagining the customer experience

For us, focusing on the customer means developing the latest technology to create an incredible customer experience.

Everything we do is road-tested with our Jaja Pioneers – our group of highly engaged customers. We carefully listen to their feedback and weave it into our products to wow you. This ethos runs through everything we do.

Who we are

We’ve started by rebuilding the credit card

It takes time to unpick 60 years of credit card legacy and rebuild it for today. We’ve done it. And we’ve placed the customer at the heart of everything.

Digital, and mobile first – designed around you on the go, as you buy and spend. Our customers don’t deserve needless complexity, so we’ve taken it away, and replaced it with features and benefits you wouldn’t expect from a credit card.

Explore Jaja Card
Representative 18.9% APR (variable)

And, while we’re on our journey...

We are not just stopping at our own Jaja credit card.

We’ve built a technology platform which enables us to bring you credit cards and financial products from a range of partner businesses. Applying the Jaja Magic to other brands helps us to ‘make simple’ for even more customers.

Partner with Jaja

We take lending seriously

Jaja is a responsible lender and regulated by the FCA.
We’re also a Principal Member of the VISA payment network.

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