How do you find out how much it will cost to use your Jaja card in Europe*?

Jaja do not apply any charges on your foreign spending or ATM withdrawals abroad**, however it may be helpful for you to know the exchange rate of your transactions and the conversion ‘markup’ charge applied by Visa before you use your card.

To do this, you can visit the Visa website here, where you will find a calculator to use to compare currency conversion charges for card transactions in Euros and other European* currencies. To help you navigate this page, we have provided some more information below.

Calculate Exchange Rate

Instructions for the Visa Exchange Rate Calculator:

  1. Amount: Enter the amount you are planning to spend or withdraw in the currency you will be using for the transaction
  2. Bank fee: Keep this at 0% because Jaja does not apply any FX fees on the Jaja card
  3. Date requested: Select the date on which you will be making the transaction
  4. Card currency: Select British Pound (GBP) from the dropdown menu
  5. Transaction currency: Select the currency you will be using for the transaction
  6. Calculate exchange Rate: Press the Calculate exchange rate button to see the exchange rate and Visa charges for the transaction

Once you have used your card, you can confirm the cost by viewing your transactions in your Jaja app.

*European Economic Area (‘EEA’)

**Some ATM operators may apply additional fees for withdrawals; these are out of our control