An update on Jaja’s progress

Last year we announced a new long-term partnership with Bank of Ireland UK and the purchase of its UK credit card portfolio. The purchase forms part of Jaja’s strategy to scale our UK credit card business by working in partnership with other financial institutions and consumer brands, as well as providing our own branded credit card.

Since then we have been hard at work, preparing ourselves for the transfer of those customers across to Jaja. Despite working through a period of highly unusual and unprecedented times, we’ve pulled together with Bank of Ireland and we’re really excited about the future and pleased about the progress we’ve made. 

We are delighted to confirm that this week we began to write to customers about the transfer to their new service with Jaja and started the countdown to the switch later this year. These customers can continue to use their credit cards as normal and will be kept up to date with a series of communications prior to the transfer of their credit card service.

Here at Jaja we are building a credit card experience built around simplicity, functionality, service and securityJaja has been designed to liberate customers from needless complexity, wasted time and frustration. And that’s why we’re excited to welcome our new customers.

You can read the original press release from 28th June 2019 here

The Bank of Ireland UK Credit Card portfolio comprises credit card customers of Bank of Ireland UK, the AA and Post Office (accounts opened prior to 28th June 2019). Further information can be found here:

Bank of Ireland UK
Post Office
The AA

If you are a member of our waiting list and wish to find out how the migration affects you, you can find out more here.