An update on our launch

What a few months! Here at Jaja, we’ve been hard at work getting everything ready to welcome our new customers from the Bank of Ireland UK, Post Office and the AA. Our team has grown, and we’ve opened our brand new Customer Service centre in Dublin – adding to our friendly faces to help our customers with any queries when they move across.

Shortly, Bank of Ireland UK, The AA and Post Office Credit Card customers (Post Office Credit Card accounts opened prior to 28 June 2019) will be switching to Jaja as part of the long-term partnership with Bank of Ireland UK and the purchase of its UK credit card portfolio.

Switching to Jaja?

If you’re switching to Jaja, you will already have been sent details about this change and we look forward to welcoming you shortly. We’ll be keeping you up to date on progress with further details as we get closer to transferring your account.

Looking to join Jaja?

If you’re on the waiting list, we’re afraid you’ll have to wait little longer before you can apply, but we hope you understand and remain as excited as we are for what’s in store. If you have any questions or wish to find out more, we’ll keep you updated here. We thank all of those on the waiting list for holding on for Jaja.

Want to learn more about our Partnership with the Bank of Ireland UK?

You can read the original press release from 28th June 2019 here.

The Bank of Ireland UK Credit Card portfolio comprises credit card customers of Bank of Ireland UK, the AA and Post Office (accounts opened prior to 28 June 2019). Further information can be found here:

Bank of Ireland UK
Post Office
The AA