What does Brexit mean for me?

We’ve produced some FAQs to help you understand what Brexit means for your account if you’re a Jaja Credit Card customer.

We’ll make sure we update our answers with the latest information, if anything changes. All information is correct at time of writing.


Will I still be able to use my credit card in EU countries?
Yes. You can continue to use your Jaja Credit Card both in EU and non-EU countries as you do today.
Will I be charged any new fees for spending in the EU?
We're not introducing new fees, but any existing fees which are charged when you spend abroad will still apply post Brexit.

Please visit www.jaja.co.uk/exchange-rate-calculator for details of credit card charges when spending abroad.
I live in the EU but not in the UK and service my account online. Will my app and online servicing still work?
Yes. You will be able to continue to use your Jaja Credit Card app and online servicing as you do today.
I was struggling to make my payments before Brexit and need support; what should I do?
If you do get into financial difficulty, or if you are worried about your finances, it’s important that you let our Customer Service team know as soon as possible. Contact us on 0345 607 6500* so we can take steps to help.
Can I continue to make payments from other countries in the EU?
Yes. All of our ways to pay will still be available post Brexit.

*0345 numbers may be part of the inclusive price plan provided by your phone operator, however please check before you call. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm (excluding bank holidays). Calls are recorded and may be monitored for security, quality control and training purposes.