Add a cardholder to your account

Add your partner, a family member or a close friend to your Jaja Credit Card account.

Share the benefits of your Jaja Credit Card account with a close friend or family member by adding them as an additional cardholder.

When you share your account with someone else, they’ll get their own credit card to use. All their spending activity will appear in the app and on your statement, and what’s more, they’ll get access to the Jaja Credit Card app as well.

You’ll still be the main account holder though, which means you’re responsible for:

  • All the spending on their card
  • Making your monthly payments on time, which will include their balance
  • Any charges made to your account
  • Making sure the additional card is used in line with your credit card Terms & Conditions.

How to add an additional cardholder

It’s simple to add a cardholder to your account, and you can do it straight from the app. Before you start, you’ll need the details of the person you want to add, including their full name, address, nationality and date of birth.

  • Head to the Card tab and select Manage Cards
  • From there, select the option to Add new cardholder
  • Follow the setup instructions on your screen

You can manage the additional cardholders on your account by heading back to the Manage cards tab.

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