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Using your credit card

Spending on your Jaja Credit Card couldn't be simpler

Contactless payments

Our card is contactless, meaning you can tap your card wherever you see the contactless logo for quick and easy payments up to £100. Perfect for that quick morning coffee before work – no need to scramble for loose change or enter your PIN every time.

Shopping online with your card

Make purchases with your card when shopping online. We’ll sometimes perform additional security checks to make sure your account is as safe and secure as possible. You'll be asked to open the Jaja mobile app and verify your transaction to confirm it’s really you.

Spending abroad

You can use your Jaja Credit Card abroad, whether you’re on holiday or travelling for business. Simply use contactless or chip & PIN payments at any outlet displaying the VISA logo. There’s no need to let us know before you head off.

You can find details of the fees and exchange rates that might apply to foreign transactions on your statement.