Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Jaja?

Jaja is the UK’s first credit card built from the mobile up.

What is a digital credit card?

A digital credit card is simply put a card that is built for the digital world, managed entirely through the Jaja App. 

Don’t worry though, you DO get a physical credit card as well, which is contactless and soon, will include ApplePay and AndroidPay

Why did you start Jaja?

We are on a mission to create beautiful simplicity where there is needless complexity. Or as we like to say, we Make Simple.

We believe your money should be as fluid as your life. And the credit card as we know it is anything but. It’s a product that is traditionally overly complicated, loaded with hidden fees and cumbersome to manage.

It just makes no sense to us. None.

In a world where you can Uber a taxi or Deliveroo your next meal – why can’t you manage your credit card in the same way – at the touch of button and in an instant.

So, we are changing credit cards forever.

Designing a new experience from the mobile up. Making the credit card simpler, fairer and easier to manage.

How do I pronounce Jaja?

Jaja is pronounced ‘Ya-ya’. It basically means Yes in Norwegian. Because we say yes to taking on even the biggest of challenges.

Who is behind Jaja?

It was on a road trip in California that friends and FinTech entrepreneurs Per Elvebakk, Jostein Svendsen and Kyrre Riksen all shared stories about how needlessly complicated banking is. Especially for those that see the world as one big global village – where technology keeps you connected.

So an idea was born. Let’s make banking simple. Giving people more control of their money.

A lofty ambition, perhaps – but these three Norwegian pioneers have masterminded the launch of successful banks, mobile financial services and tech businesses in Scandinavia, UK, Asia and Silicon Valley.

Today, Jaja is much more than an idea. It’s a promise.

We Make Simple. #jajayourlife®

When can I get a Jaja card?

We will be issuing the first Jaja cards in Spring 2019.

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