How to rise to the top of the waitlist

As we begin to onboard our very first Beta Testers, excitement is building here over at the Jaja office. We’ll be putting the app through its paces over the next few weeks and prodding poking and stretching every corner of it before we start to invite those of you at the top of the waiting list to onboard.

We really can’t wait for you to have the app in your hand and the card in your pocket, and we know that a lot of you can’t wait either. So we’ve added a few ways for you to rise up the ranks and be one of the very first.

👫 Invite your friends

As always, refer friends and family using your unique referral link to improve your place on the waitlist, and introduce them to the future of credit. You’ll also get an extra £10 in cashback!

👣 Follow us

Not only is it the best way to stay up to date with all our exciting news and updates, following us across social media now helps you rise to the top of the waitlist.

We got our Head of Growth and amateur hand model, Pablo, demonstrate where you need to follow us!

1. Launch our waitlist page and enter your details

2. Check out your position on the thank you page

3. Use the social links at the bottom of the page to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

This way we can count your extra points and boost you higher up that list.

👍 Get involved

We don’t just want you to follow and forget! At Jaja, we love the fact that we’re starting to build a community who are as passionate about changing the face of credit as we are.

So share the link to our waiting list on social media, and you’ll move up the list too. Again, make sure you do this through the links on the thank you page, or we won’t be able to improve your position.

We’re looking into even more ways to speed up your onboarding and make sure Jaja fans get the card and app as soon as possible. We’ve got an announcement coming up soon so watch this space!

Marketing Co-ordinator