Pioneer update

Right now, this is the period for us to learn and improve. Delivering the very best customer experience is our absolute priority.

We’re developing a world class platform and it takes time. It’s a real credit card, and as a regulated business, there are things we have to prove with each new feature. Data from our first pioneers has allowed us to simulate and add new features that we could not otherwise have achieved. And the experience is better for it.

We deliberately put on hold onboarding new customers in recent weeks and we will resume onboarding in batches until everyone on waiting list has been invited. We’ll keep these batches small to maintain high contact with our pioneers until we’re absolutely happy with our product. After that, we’ll allow you to exclusively invite those first to the app.

Thank you for the feedback we have received so far. The low and slow, high-touch approach is something we value and will continue. This is time we will never get back if we invited mass numbers. We owe this to ourselves, our investors and future customers.

Rest assured that we’re working tirelessly behind the scenes and listening to every bit of feedback.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Kyrre Riksen
CMO / Co-Founder