PRESS RELEASE – Introducing Jaja – The next generation credit card

The next-generation digital credit card backed by leading global investors:

  • Jaja® is an innovative, mobile-first credit card, managed entirely through an app
  • £7m of funding secured already, with crowdfunding investment opportunities coming soon
  • Advanced features include: chat-based onboarding; instant issuing of credit; sharing of credit with family and friends and flexible repayment options

London, Monday 3rd September 2018: Jaja Finance today announces the launch of its first product, a mobile-first credit card called ‘Jaja’. Starting its mission to simplify the unnecessarily complicated world of consumer finance, the business has already secured £7 million in funding from major global investors. Jaja will soon be inviting additional investments through leading equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs.

The credit card is managed entirely through the Jaja app, and purpose-built to be customer centric from the credit ledger up. The product is designed to liberate consumers by redefining the consumer experience as we know it; making credit cards simpler, fairer and easier to manage.

Key features include one of the quickest onboarding processes in the industry, allowing customers to safely open credit accounts and begin spending in minutes, no matter where they are, with no complicated forms to fill in, and scanning only a driving licence or passport to get started. The app also gives increasingly tech-savvy consumers the ability to intelligently tag and search transactions and, in an industry first, the option to share credit limit with trusted friends and family. You can even link your Jaja credit card to your bank account, allowing it to intelligently top up your account if you are at risk of going overdrawn or missing an important payment.

Jaja Finance is working closely with Visa as a Principal Member – meaning they can issue cards, process transactions, provide processing services and acquire merchants directly – supported by the Visa Investment and Strategic Partnership program. Jaja Finance is also leveraging its own Consumer Credit and Payment Institution Licences, authorised by the FCA, for end-to-end delivery of its next generation credit card.

Jaja are a next-generation Visa issuer offering a truly unique consumer lending proposition...

SVP Visa in Europe, Visa

CMO and Co-Founder of Jaja Finance, Kyrre Riksen, said: “Whilst the banking industry has been challenged by innovative FinTech entrants in the prepaid or debit card space, the credit card experience has yet to change in over a decade.  Yet in a world where you can use Uber instead of calling a taxi or Deliveroo to order your next meal, why can’t you manage your credit card in the same way? In today’s digital age, why should onboarding be any more difficult than setting up your Facebook account? When you’re so used to sharing things like your Netflix or Spotify accounts with family and friends, why can’t you do the same with your credit? After all, it’s your credit and you should be in complete control.”

Jaja was founded by three London-based Norwegian entrepreneurs with significant fintech, mobile and banking experience. Seeing the world as one global village where technology keeps you connected, the friends decided to use their expertise to make banking simple and give people more control over their money and their lives. Having previously launched successful banks, mobile financial services and tech businesses globally, the trio of Per Elvebakk, Jostein Svendsen and Kyrre Riksen have a great track-record of successfully starting up, scaling and exiting businesses. Jaja recently brought on Neil Radley, ex-CEO of Barclaycard Western Europe, as Executive Chairman, who joined the venture in order to help them take the business to the next level.

Jaja Finance has already built up an impressive investor list of industry specialists with significant success within the global consumer finance industry, including Pollen Street Capital (UK), Silverstripe International Holdings (USA) and Blystad Group (Norway). The next step will be to make investment opportunities available to all investors in September through Seedrs ( Funds raised will be put towards capitalising on the success to date and enabling the business to turbocharge their entry to the market and develop functionality in line with its community’s needs.

Kyrre continues: “We believe in a world where technology, brilliant design and human customer experiences make life simple and liberate people from needless complexity, wasted time and frustration. It’s in our Norwegian DNA to prioritise living and find better ways to live. We are delighted to already have global investors on board, and are now looking forward to introducing Jaja  to the financial world and beyond through our Seedrs round.”

Bill Gajda, SVP Visa in Europe, said: “Visa is delighted to welcome Jaja as the newest partner in our FinTech programme. Jaja are a next-generation Visa issuer offering a truly unique consumer lending proposition, enabling Jaja cardholders to use their Visa cards at more than 46 million merchant locations around the world and online.”

Jaja Finance is also soon to launch a funding round on leading European equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs. Funds from the round will be used to support the rapid roll out of the first 2,000 investor credit cards and to develop the 24/7 customer service feature.

Those interested in investing in Jaja, and those who wish to join the Jaja waitlist to become a ‘by invitation-only’ member, can find all the information they need at


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Kyrre Riksen
CMO / Co-Founder