Building a successful credit card partnership.

It’s been a few weeks since we announced our exciting new partnership with the Bank of Ireland UK, so we thought we’d catch up with a couple of people who have been instrumental in the process and pick their brains about this exciting next step in the Jaja story.

Anna is our Head of Compliance and has been working to make sure we make the Bank of Ireland UK customers’ transition to Jaja safe, secure and simple, with as little disruption as possible. Libby is Head of Product; she’s been busy understanding every last detail of the Bank of Ireland UK credit cards, as well as building out what the future looks like for our partnership.


What is it about Jaja that makes us the right team for the job?

Anna:    Jaja is well-positioned to acquire the Bank of Ireland UK credit card portfolio, both in terms of the experienced people here and the approach we take to credit.

Jaja is made up of an exciting mix of financial services professionals and creative start-up types. We use this balance to think outside ‘the box’, whilst having a lot of knowledge of ‘the box’ we’re trying to think outside of! The company was founded on the principle of making credit simple and using technology to make it even easier for people to access, use and manage their credit cards.

The Bank of Ireland prides itself on always putting the customer first, and this shared goal is what will make our partnership a success.

Libby:    We’re nimble and always on the lookout for the next great thing. It’s our blend of different people, including those from a financial services background, entrepreneurs, and talent from a wide range of UX, creative and technology industries (drawn together with their obsession to make things simple), that makes us the right team for the job.

In particular, we’re passionate about the experience. The fact that our teams work seamlessly, makes us all aware of what matters to our customers. Customers are and will always be our top priority. Our first customers, our Jaja Pioneers have been instrumental in helping us create a credit card that is truly customer-first.


What do you think makes this such an exciting deal?

Anna:    It’s exciting to bring so many customers onto the Jaja platform and simplify the credit card experience for more people to enjoy. We’re also proud of the reaction we’ve seen in the industry since the deal was announced – as a relatively new player, teaming up with an established company like the Bank of Ireland wasn’t expected and doesn’t happen often.

We’re also excited for the opportunity this will bring to enhance our Pioneers’ experience of Jaja Card, with more time and resource dedicated to improving features.

Libby:    I’m always focused on what the customer gets out of a deal like this and I’m so excited that we get to bring simplicity to hundreds of thousands of customers quickly! As for the wider industry, I hope advances in the credit card space become the ‘norm’ and encourage more issuers to provide digital first products, features and servicing for everyone.


What are you most excited about in terms of the challenges/ work needed over the coming months?

Anna:    What we’re most looking forward to is taking the time to learn from the Bank of Ireland; they’re a well-established and respected institution, and we want to make sure we continue to offer their customers the high standards of servicing they have come to expect. It’s through this process that we also understand where we can inject some of our Jaja magic to not only meet but exceed customer expectations of their credit card.

A big priority is making sure the Bank of Ireland UK customers are reassured that they can keep using their card in the same way they always have – but also letting them know they can benefit from the technology Jaja has to offer if they want to, providing a simpler credit card experience online and in the app.

Libby:    I’m excited about bringing our digital first product to customers that least expected the simplicity we will bring to them. There will be lots of ways of managing their account that they’re currently used to doing over the phone and it’s going to be great to highlight all the ways they can do this within their new app, at a touch of a button!

I’m also looking forward to working with colleagues at the Bank of Ireland. I see us as one team. The closer and better we work, the better the outcome for our customers.


Since acquiring the portfolios comprising of Bank of Ireland UK, the AA and Post Office-branded consumer credit cards, Jaja remains wholly committed to its Pioneers and those still on the waiting list. Simply, we’re giving ourselves more time to come into the market with strength and give our customers the very best credit card experience.

We’ve set the benchmark even higher and onboarding will ramp back up again as soon as we’ve achieved further advances on product; the goals that we’ve reset ourselves. All of those on the waiting list are going to get their invite.

A huge thanks to everyone that been so supportive!

Marketing Co-ordinator